Garage Door Repair Services in Clemmons, NC

Are you in need of garage door repair today?  Call Clemmons NC Garage Door Repair for unbeatable service!

The garage door is the largest moving object in your house. When it breaks down, you need to call Clemmons NC Garage Door Repair to provide the best garage door service around. Don’t waste time looking for other garage door companies that are overpriced and slow to fix your problems. Our technicians are highly trained to repair your garage door quickly. If you are in need to have your garage door fixed today, then email or call Clemmons NC Garage Door Repair right now.

Call Clemmons NC Garage Door Repair at (336) 766-8000 or email us using the contact form to the right for all of your garage door service needs.Clemmons NC Garage Door Repair Should Be Your First Choice

By choosing Clemmons NC Garage Door Repair, you have a trained professional technician. We use only the best parts and at the most affordable prices. No other door service in the area can compare with our prices. Once completed, your door will work better than when it was new. It will be smooth, quiet and operate safely for years to come. At Clemmons NC Garage Door Repair, we put our customers satisfaction first. Just check out all of our reviews with Angie's List, Home Advisor, and Google.

Our garage door technicians are extremely knowledgeable and will provide a quote on how much the repair will cost as soon as they arrive on site. They will give you all of the options for your situation and do what you are comfortable with.

Unlike other garage door companies, Clemmons NC Garage Door Repair uses parts that have higher quality than the industry standard parts that typically come with your door. For example garage door springs are usually rated 8,000 to 10,000 cycles (how many times your door opens and closes before spring failure), which is around 5 - 8 years. Clemmons NC Garage Door Repairuses garage door springs that are rated for 30,000 cycles, and they are made to last for around 20 years of use.

At Clemmons NC Garage Door Repair we try to be as transparent with the costs as possible so there are no surprises.  We tell the clients about the cost of the job and all of the parts needing to be replaced or serviced. Clemmons NC Garage Door Repair assures our customers that there are no hidden charges. We will also explain to our customers so that they’ll know exactly what is being done.

When you call us at Clemmons NC Garage Door Repair you are going to get the job is done right along with the comfort of our know you are covered in the future. Our technicians weigh of the door to determine the proper springs for your garage door. Other repair companies just replace the springs with the same springs as before and don’t check to see if the springs are correct for the door before they start the repair.

With wooden garage doors they tend to gain some weight over the years. If the spring used are the same size as the old ones they will be too weak, more tension is added to it, and this will shorten the life of your new springs.

Clemmons NC Garage Door Repairuses sealed 13 ball bearing rollers that has a quiet nylon tire. These are rated for 100,000 cycles along with decreasing the amount of noise during the opening and closing of the garage door. 100,000 cycles will last a lifetime.

Clemmons NC Garage Door Repair provides higher quality products at best prices.

Whenever you need fast and courteous garage door service, remember Clemmons NC Garage Door Repair. We are honored to serve you whenever you need us! Clemmons NC Garage Door Repair can serve you any day of the week. We’ll send one of our great garage door repair technician to assist you with your garage door.

When you pick Clemmons NC Garage Door Repair, we assure you that you will have peace of mind after the job is done. We repair all brands of garage doors as well as garage door openers.

There are two ways to reach Clemmons NC Garage Door Repair. Email us by the contact form or call us at (336) 766-8000. Our service calls are $39.95, and no extra charge for weekends or nights.