Most everyone looks forward to spring when you can make the outside of you house look good along with enjoying the outdoors.  It is the time to bring out the grill and invite neighbors, friends and family over for some good times and laughs.  The garage door and opener gets many ups and downs this time of year from bringing to mower in and out, the wheel barrow for spreading mulch, and etc. There is a lot going on in the spring and more headache is not what you need.  So take a moment and realized that now is a good time for your annual maintenance  of checking the balance of the door, lubrication and your openers safety features.  It is also good to examine the rollers to see if there is any lose bearing, hinges for stress cracks and also the panels for any rotting if you have a wood door or any bends or cracks in a metal door.  Just a little TLC goes a long way and can save you from getting your car stuck in the garage heading to work.
If there are any damaged panels, worn out rollers, or broken springs Garage Door Services of Cornelius is here to help out with your needs.  Because you do have options, most of these problems can be repaired with higher quality parts that will make your door smoother and operate quieter.  There is also the option to replace your garage door or garage door opener with a high efficiency model.  These will allow you to add some savings to your power bill and much more comfort in your garage.  It will help make your garage more enjoyable and give peace of mind that everything is going to work just the way it should. 
Spring Cleaning Tip-  To clean the outside of your steel garage door here is a quick way to get that pollen and that North Carolina red clay off your door.
Items you will need: two zip lock bags, car wash (the kind with wax in it works great), a soft brush, a bucket, and water hose.
– First close your garage door then get 2 zip lock bags and place over the sensor eyes to protect them in case water gets in (better to be safe than sorry).
 – Then fill your bucket with the car wash detergent just as you where washing your car and wash down your door with the brush and soapy water.  You may need to wash rinse and repeat depending on how dirty your door is.
The great thing about using the soapy with wax is that it repels water and creates a barrier so that next time your door will clean up even better.  You actually use car wax on your door if you want for longer lasting protection.